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Missions & Values

The French Business Council Kuwait (FBCK) aims to perpetuate and promote French-Kuwaiti trade relations.


The main goal of the FBCK is to create a framework for exchange and sharing dedicated to French companies and Kuwaiti investors in order to promote business relations, economic development and knowledge between Kuwait and France.


Member of the CCI France International network, the French Business Council Kuwait also works in close collaboration with the key players of the French Embassy in Kuwait in order to become a strategic partner of French players in Kuwait and Kuwaiti investors in France.

Message from the President

Firas Oggar, President of

French Business Council Kuwait

Dear members and friends of the French Business Council of Kuwait (FBCK), It is an honor and a privilege to chair the FBCK.


Thank you to our Board of Directors, to the French Embassy in Kuwait and especially to all our members for their continued support.


Since 2006, the FBCK has been promoting and developing French commercial interests in the State of Kuwait and vice versa by promoting investments in France from Kuwait in close collaboration with the French Embassy in Kuwait and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France.


This is our cause. This is our mission.


And it is the driving force behind all our actions and initiatives serving the interests of the French and Kuwaiti business community in both countries.


We are committed to our business community through knowledge sharing, subject matter experts, webinars, panel discussions and online speaker series that are now how we support our members and beyond within us. adapting to our new business environment.


On behalf of the FBCK and the entire Board of Directors, I wish you safety and good health during this difficult time with the pandemic and I will continue to serve you with commitment and dedication to the business interests of both countries.

Board of Directors

The French Business Council Kuwait (FBCK) is supervised by a board of directors of 7 Members elected at the General Assembly.



President of FBCK

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Mazen KHOURY Board member and Treasurer FBCK

arthur liger_edited.jpg

Arthur LIGER Board member of FBCK

Marie-Anne Benedetti

Board member of FBCK

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